Place of Power – Old Orhei

You will find the two most important pearls of Moldova – the historical and archaeological open-air complex Old Orhei, as well as the real wine kingdom – cellars “CRICOVA”. The trip will be complemented by a visit to Curchi Monastery, located in a picturesque place.

  • 1

    Departure from Chisinau

    Transfer to Moldavan village Curchi, where one of the most beautiful and significant architectural monument is located – The Curchi Monastery.

  • 2

    Visit to the Monastery of Curchi

    Visit the monastery with old history, located in a charming place near the lake, surrounded by Moldovan Codrii. Curchi Monastery is one of the oldest in Moldova. The summer church “ Nașterea Maicii Domnului” was built in the years 1866-1867, in baroque style. The cathedral is the highest one in Moldova - the average dome reaches 57 meters and is the ``twin`` of the “St. Andrew Curch” from Kiev.

  • 3

    Transfer to Old Orhei

    Old Orhei is a famous historical and archaeological complex, a real open-air museum.

  • 4

    Archaeological complex Old Orhei

    A unique place with a special energy, saturated with the history of several civilizations that left us a rich cultural heritage: Geto-Dacians (VI - I century BC), Slavs (XII-XIII century), Tatar-Mongols (Golden Horde - XIV century), Moldavians (XIV - XVII century). Today, we have the opportunity to visit the Rock Christian Monastery, the ruins of mosque and caravanserai, the archaeological remains of the baths near Raut River, the mausoleums left after the muslim city of Shehr al-Jedid, and enjoy the incredible beauty of natural landscapes.

  • 5

    Lunch at the restaurant “Eco Resort Butuceni”

    Lunch in a rural pension house, with a large selection of Moldavian national dishes (mamaliga, placinta, zama) and homemade wine.

  • 6

    Transfer to city Cricova

    Cricova is located near by the capital Chisinau. It is here where the famous wine cellars “CRICOVA” are located - the main tourist attractions of Moldova.

  • 7

    Wine cellars “CRICOVA”

    Wine cellars “CRICOVA” are the symbol and the pride of Moldovan winemaking. The cellars have the status – “National Cultural Heritage” of the country. Galleries stretch over 120 km long, each street having its own wine name: Cabernet, Aligote, Dionis, Feteasca and others. A unique collection of wines is stored here, among them is the oldest, and only one of its kind - Easter Jerusalem, produced in 1902. Cricova Wine Cellars were visited by such outstanding personalities as Iurii Gagarin, Vladimir Putin, Angela Merkel and other remarkable personalities of the world. Acquaintance with the technology of wine production, a walk in the cellar, tasting three types of wine.

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    Return to Chisinau

    Transfer to the appointed place.

Tour price

No. of tourists 6-9 10-13 14-17 18-21 22-25 26-29 от 30
Price for 1 person €80 €75 €70 €65 €60 €55 €50

Included in cost:

  • Transport throughout the route
  • Certified Guide Services
  • Entrance tickets according to the program
  • Lunch at Old Orhei Restaurant
  • Wine tasting at “CRICOVA” – 3 types of wine

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