Mileștii Mici – Manuc Bey

We invite you to make a fascinating trip into the heart of Moldavian forests Codri. We will learn the history of the popular monasteries of Capriana and Hincu, located in amazingly picturesque places. Then we will go to the wine enterprise “Mileștii Mici”, where we can taste the wines and dishes of traditional Moldavian cuisine.

Tour of the Codri Monasteries and the Mileștii Mici Winery

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    Start of the program

    Departure from Chisinau to village Capriana.

  • 2

    Capriana Monastery

    One of the oldest monasteries in Moldova, Capriana, is located in the beautiful forests of Codra and was founded by the Moldavian sovereign Alexander Dobry. The monastery begins its history in 1429 and from the very beginning it was built of wood. The beauty of the area, the grandeur of the monastery, as well as the history of the complex will take you to the Middle Ages, when the monastery of Capriana was the center of the spiritual life of Moldova.

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    Transfer to Hincu monastery

    Hincu Monastery is one of the most unusual and interesting monuments of the country, erected in honor of the daughter of Mihalcea Hincu.

  • 4

    Monastery Hincu

    The Hynkovo Paraskeviev Monastery is one of the largest and most beautiful monasteries in Moldova, where pilgrims and tourists from many countries constantly come to. Its founder is Mikhalcha Hinku. According to one legend, when Moldova was constantly subjected to Tatar raids, Hincu, who lives with his daughter Iliana in the vicinity of Lepusna, decided to flee. However, his strength was running out, and he, along with his daughter, having seen the river, stopped to rest on its shore. It was at this place, he swore that if he survived, he would build a church here. The daughter of Iliyan became one of the first servants of this monastery, having adopted the name of Paraskev in monasticism.

  • 5

    Transfer to ``Milestii Mici`` winery

    Milestii Mici holds the world's largest natural wine collection, located in limestone galleries at a depth of 30-85 meters.

  • 6

    Guided tour at “Mileștii Mici” wine galleries

    Acquaintance with one of the most famous wineries in Moldova. There are more than 200 kilometers of underground galleries. Winery ``Milestii Mici`` was listed in the Guinness Book of Records for the largest wine collection, which has about 1.5 million bottles. An excursion awaits us, tasting 3 types of wine and lunch.

  • 7

    Transfer to Manuc-Bey estate

    The palace was built by order of one of the most influential and richest nobles Manuc Bey Marzaian.

  • 8

    Visiting Manuc-Bey

    The palace of the Armenian boyar, who served as a diplomatic translator at the court of the Sultan, is located in the city of Hincesti. Manuk-Emanuil Mirzoyan played a significant role in one of the Russian-Turkish wars, when he actively contributed to the conduct of peace negotiations between the Ottoman and Russian Empire. The estate complex consists of several buildings: a palace, a hunting lodge, service buildings, a library.

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    Return to Chisinau

    Transfer to the appointed place.

Tour price

No. of tourists 6-9 10-13 14-17 18-21 22-25 26-29 от 30
Price for 1 person €80 €75 €60 €55 €50 €55 €50

Included in cost:

  • Transport throughout the route
  • Certified Guide Services
  • Entrance tickets according to the program
  • Lunch at the restaurant at “Milestii Mici”
  • Tasting at “Milestii Mici” – 5 types of wine

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